The purpose of this project is to highlight the experiences of Black people in the IE and how they have built resilient communities. This project is conceived as a continuous project that need not be solely about Black peoples’ proximity to whiteness but also about Black futurity. It centers Black people being fully themselves in IE communities and with other Black people, but also highlights the beautifully rhizomorphic formation of Black(ness) and Black people.  


This site was developed by students of Organizational Studies 180 (Black People in the Inland Empire), offered at Pitzer College. The students are from the Claremont Colleges; they come from different backgrounds; and range from freshman to senior. They work in collaboration with Prof. Marilyn Grell-Brisk to develop a deeper, and more sustainable relationship with the community they live in.


The Inland Empire (IE) is located on the east side of Los Angeles, California and encompasses portions of San Bernandino and Riverside counties. The IE’s population has drastically increased over the past years, making it currently home to over 4.65 million residents